Rob Mallard and Daniel Brocklebank speak out about their romance

Rob Mallard and Daniel Brocklebank speak out about their romance
The pair met when Rob joined the show as troubled Daniel Osbourne last year and they struck up a friendship. Dan, who plays vicar Billy Mayhew took to Twitter today to say that things developed when his colleague came round to help him put up some shelves.Fans of the actors have been sending positive messages to the popular stars about their blossoming relationship and reacted with joy at the confirmation, with one branding it ‘the sweetest thing’.

Kym Marsh came along at one point to echo some of the initial comments, joking: ‘I never even knew you were gay!’ to Rob, who came out publicly last year after admitting he was initially nervous viewers wouldn’t take scenes of his character romancing a woman seriously if they knew.The couple have attended a number of events together recently including the TRIC Awards, the LGBT Awards and Dolly-Rose Campbell’s 30th birthday party. They are both involved in significant plotlines at the moment with Billy and Todd’s relationship under strain thanks to the decision over whether to adopt Billy’s goddaughter Summer.Daniel, meanwhile, is a key suspect in the attack on Ken Barlow – and is about to be reunited with his missing mother Denise.
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